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Enjoy your beach vacation at a small unspoiled family oriented beach island.  Sunset Beach is the southernmost beach in North Carolina, and under an hour drive from airports in Wilmington, NC and Myrtle Beach, SC.   It is 3 hours from Raleigh, 4 hours from Charlotte, 6 hours from Atlanta, 7 hours from DC and about 10 hours from Columbus, Ohio. Restaurants, shopping, golf and other amenities are all within easy reach.

Land Grant stands on one of the lots from the very early development of the island and has been continuously in the same family since 1960.  It is a comfortable 4 bedroom single family home with 2.5 bathrooms in one and a half stories with a loft.  It has generous oceanfront windows, porches and decks allowing you to enjoy the sight (and sound) of the ocean from both inside and out. Land Grant is individually owned but professionally managed by Sunset Vacations.

Land Grant oceanside      Land Grant streetside
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